“Tara is a powerful healer, coming into her own, and I experienced the benefits of that…I use [my gemstones] all the time now. I use them in the morning during meditation, and I select a few to come and sit at my nightstand during my sleep. I use them all the time.”

Ph.D. Student

“I felt very good after my sessions. The results lasted for at least the day of the session, sometimes longer. Frankly, this is a pretty stressful time in my life for a number of reasons, so I will take any stress reduction I can!”

School Teacher

“I looked forward to every meeting. It was a step into the unknown. When I would leave, I’d be in a little haze, as if certain of my senses were heightened while others were suppressed. I liked feeling unexplainable things happen inside my body. Also, I liked how our sessions began and ended with mini-“talk therapy.” I don’t know if that is normally what you would do with a client, but I enjoyed it.”

Stay-At-Home Mom