At Introspection: DC, Tara customizes crystal healing and Reiki sessions to you, based on what you are dealing with and what outcome you desire. She uses a wide variety of crystals in a relaxing and peaceful environment, so that you can find a place of comfort and peace.

What to expect:

When you arrive for your session, you and Tara will spend a few minutes talking before you lie down, completely dressed, on a massage table. Tara will place crystals on and around you, play gentle music, and begin your session. While you lay on the table with your eyes closed (you can meditate, rest, or sleep!), Tara will work with the crystals and energy, sometimes placing hands on you (but only with your permission!).

Tara’s clients have felt a variety of sensations during their sessions, including waves of warmth, vibration, and even spinning in circles. Some clients also see their third eye or feel super relaxed at the end of a session. If at any time you are uncomfortable, Tara will work with you to be more at ease.

Due to the various sensations you may feel during a session, it is imperative that you tell Tara of any medical conditions you may have now or have had previously.

Sessions take approximately 45 minutes to one hour, depending on how much talking before and after the session, and how much information Tara receives during the session.



One session —  $85

A series of three sessions — $230 (10% savings)

A series of six sessions — $434 (15% savings)

Long distance sessions are offered at $65


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Please contact Tara directly prior to purchase if you are interested in a combination Regression/Crystal Healing session.