Past Life Regression

where have you been-Who are you? Where have you been? What issues are you carrying from other lives that affect you in your present life?

In a Past Life Regression, you can explore all of these questions and even make profound realizations that serve you in your current life. And, if you’re interested in exploring your extraterrestrial lives, we can do that, too.


How to prepare for a regression session:

Plan on spending one to two hours in this session. As such, comfortable clothing is a must!

Do a few breathing exercises, if you can.

Set intentions for exploring particular lives or issues, if you are interested. Please inform Tara of these prior to the session.

Be open to whatever comes to you in the session. Remember that you are only observing, not reliving or actively participating.


How does a regression session work?

Tara will ask you to lay down and to find a comfortable position. You will do a few breathing exercises together, and then she will talk you through a visualization. When ready, you will talk about what you see. Tara will take notes and ask questions along the way. The goal is to help you understand as much about yourself as possible, so when Tara brings you back to the present, she will discuss different aspects of your regression experience with you. Feel free to discuss anything that interests you…Tara seeks to create a safe space for you to explore and heal in.

For long distance regressions, a place to lay down, Skype, and headphones are required. You will need to set up so that Tara can see you at all times during the regression. Headphones are useful to help you concentrate on Tara’s voice and block out environmental noises. It is best to plan your regression at a time when you will have guaranteed solitude.


To purchase a Past Life Regression session, click over to Book an Appointment. Past Life Regression is the last option on the drop down menu. After you make the purchase, Tara will contact you to schedule a time. Please be sure to include your name and email/phone number.


Please contact Tara directly prior to purchase if you are interested in a combination Regression/Crystal Healing session.

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