Experimenting with Distance Healing

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Apr 27

As I have evolved in my spiritual journey, I have come to understand that time and space are merely illusions. I have also come to understand that we are creators of our own realities (more on that in this post). Knowing all of this, I know that it’s possible for me to facilitate energy healing for people who aren’t nearby.

A few days ago, I had a unique opportunity to work with my friend, Ashley of In My Sacred Space, and her friend, who has some things he’s working on. I asked Ashley to join in because her friend is part of her soul family, and I knew that their strong connection would only benefit my work with him. As we all live halfway across the country from each other (and over two time zones), we agreed upon a time when we would each go undisturbed into our sacred spaces.

I asked Ashley and her friend to each set their intentions for the healing session, and I set up shop in my guest bedroom. As I do with each and every crystal healing/Reiki session, I had intuitively chosen stones ahead of time, but this time, I waited until session time to cleanse the stones. (My practice continues to evolve!) So, I lit a candle, burned some sage, and cleansed the stones using my Tibetan Prayer Bells–did you know that sound can “clean” things? It does this by “shocking” the vibration of the stones. As I rang the bells, I set my intentions for the session: that he would receive the healing he needs through Ashley’s and my work. Then, I set up the crystal grid.

As I got to work, first by ringing the Prayer Bells over him to “shock” his system, I felt his body beneath my hands. I felt heat–nearly fire hot–over the chakras that were the most imbalanced. Sounds crazy when he’s hundreds of miles away, right? Remember that time and space are illusions and we have the ability to create our own realities. That’s how I was able to feel him and his chakras, at least energetically. At one point, I was working on his heart chakra, and I felt a hand physically adjust my left hand over his heart…after the session, Ashley and I compared notes–she had moved my hand! I was impressed that all three of our energies collided and we were able to feel (and they both saw) each other.

The whole time, I saw red lion eyes, the ones that belong to my spirit animal. But between his eyes, I constantly saw something else that I couldn’t explain, other than to describe its color…it turns out it was a guide of the client! He also saw Jesus playing baseball, and a giant heart on the ceiling.

Each of the three of us had different, yet clearly related experiences. It was pretty awesome to compare notes after the session!

And just before I drifted off to sleep less than an hour later, I got goosebumps and an overwhelming sense of love that made me quite weepy. I’ve had this feeling only one time before: when Jesus showed up in a reading. So it was cool to get more validation of our shared experience, and to have an experience that has shown me another way to go about my work.


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