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Nov 23

Water Under the Bridge

All of life is water under the bridge Ever moving Ever flowing Never the same Yet always the same All of life is water under the bridge Nothing to hold onto Yet everything to support and carry Everything together, unified is essence and purpose All at once, all the same All of life is water […]

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Nov 16

Choose Love

“As the stars begin to gather And the light begins to fade When all hope begins to shatter Know that I won’t be afraid” The writing is on the wall…it’s time to choose love. “I don’t wanna be someone who walks away so easily I’m here to stay and make the difference that I can […]

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Nov 11

Home by Raven Mardirosian

Today, my friend, Raven Mardirosian, releases her latest book (and final in a triology), Home. I first met Raven through the first book in the series, The Reluctant Tarot Reader, and went on to study under her for my Intuitive Wellness Certificate. Ironically (or not!), I wrote about “home” and Raven on my private blog […]

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The Thing About Self-Worth hover background

Sep 11

The Thing About Self-Worth

I used to be a really great, thoughtful, engaging writer. I don’t feel that way so much any more, because I don’t spend as much time writing. This post, though, has popped into my head many, many times over the past few weeks, begging to be written. So any apprehension here is because of what’s […]

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Times are weird hover background

Sep 09

Times are weird

Does life feel a bit chaotic? Feeling lost or confused? Feel bombarded by crazy news, erratic drivers, or general weirdness?   Things are weird. Times are weird.   Some will say it’s the end of times; the apocalypse is coming. Some will say it’s the ascension or “the shift.” Some will wonder around in a […]

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Guest Post: Seeing and Believing hover background

Aug 07

Guest Post: Seeing and Believing

My friend, Monica Stevens-Kirby, is helping me out on the blog today while I’m in another time zone. Here are her thoughts on intuition, science, and therapy: In my training as a psychotherapist, one of the dullest unanswered arguments my colleagues and I face is: “Is therapy a science or an art?” Not to be […]

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Aug 05

Spirituality and Travel

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” (Confucius) Our bags are packed and last minute tasks are almost done as we count down the time (linearly, you know) to go to the airport. It’s been quite some time since I last traveled over the ocean–that’s been one of the things I’ve given up to […]

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2015: The Year of Self-Reflection hover background

Jul 27

2015: The Year of Self-Reflection

Pictured above are the crystals helping me at the moment: three different kinds of quartz, sodalite, and celestite. As I drove home this morning, I thought about where I’ve been, where I am, and where I want to be. I wondered, “What can I offer to the world?” and “How can I get to where […]

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What is a Walk-In? hover background

Jul 11

What is a Walk-In?

Spiritual journeys can take interesting twists and turns. The one thing I’ve learned on my personal journey is to expect the unexpected. But the other thing I’ve learned is to keep growing, keep reading, keep discussing, keep evolving, because new information can simultaneously put us in a tail spin and liberate us. Almost a year […]

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Your Boundaries Suck. Here’s Why. hover background

Jun 26

Your Boundaries Suck. Here’s Why.

Do you get really annoyed with how your work colleagues act around you? Do you find yourself falling into despair when your friend returns the Christmas gift you gave her? Have you found yourself caught between two arguing friends? Well, it’s time to set some boundaries, Friend.   Boundaries in all aspects of life are […]

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