Introspection: DC — Kids and Crystals

Tara briefly introduces how and why kids might work with crystals. This video is geared toward adults.


IntrospectionDC: What is Healing?

In this vlog, Tara talks about healing, Super Mario Bros., crystals, and…life.



IntrospectionDC: What’s your clair?

In this vlog, Tara of Introspection: DC discusses the different types of clair-abilities, and offers suggestions on how you, too, can develop yours.



IntrospectionDC: Being Authentic

What does it mean to be authentic? What role does spirituality play in being authentic? Lots of food for thought in this vlog.

Let your authenticity permeate your life…you’ll be glad you did.



IntrospectionDC: Staying Balanced

Here are a few tips on staying balanced during crazy times.